Scotch Eggs

How to Make a Scotch Egg

Scotch Eggs are a fabulous accompaniment to any picnic and are easy to make.

First hard boil some eggs and allow to completely cool, then peel off the egg shell.

Next skin two sausages per egg – my families favourite varieties are Sway 200 & black pudding.

Have a bowl of cold water to wet your hands.

Pick up an egg and gentle cover in sausage-meat.

Roll the covered egg in breadcrumbs and place on a lined roasting tray.

Once you have all of your scotch eggs ready, drizzle in Olive oil then bake in an oven 160 deg. C (fan) for around 30 minutes or until fully cooked. Most scotch eggs are deep fried, but I find this works just as well and makes for a healthier snack.

Allow to cool in the fridge.