Venison sausages braised in red wine (Delia Smith, Winter)

Serves 2-3

450g venison sausages
1 dessert spoon olive oil
225g pancetta
1 large clove garlic
225g shallots peeled
1 dessert spoon juniper berries
275ml red wine
1tsp chopped fresh thyme
2 bay leaves
175g medium sized open cap mushrooms
1 heaped tsp plain flour
Rounded tsp mustard powder
25g butter
1 rounded tbsp redcurrant jelly

Heat oil in casserole. Fry sausages brown all over on medium heat (don’t split skins). Transfer to plate. Brown bacon, garlic and shallots. Crush juniper berries slightly without breaking. Sausages back in with berries, wine, thyme and bay leaves. Cook 30 minutes at medium heat. Stir mushrooms in. Cook another 20 minutes. Place in serving dish. Mix flour, mustard and butter into a paste. Whisk slowly into juices. Whisk in red currant jelly.