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Butchery Courses

Discover the art of quality meat preparation at Sway Butchers, where our passion extends from field to fork. Immerse yourself in our butchery courses, beginning with an exploration of the animal on the hook. Learn to identify superior meat quality and understand the methods employed to achieve it.

Our skilled butchers will guide you through the various cuts and demonstrate the breakdown of a carcass. Dive into a hands-on experience, acquiring skills in cutting, boning, rolling, tying, and joint preparation for cooking. Whether you’re a livestock enthusiast or a novice in meat handling, our courses cater to all levels.

Choose from three specialized courses in Sausage Making, Lamb, or Pork, with each session limited to a maximum of five participants for an intimate learning environment. . As a token of your efforts, take home a selection of your handiwork .

All courses are conducted in our dedicated Butchery room in Sway. Join us to elevate your comfort in handling meat at home, expand your expertise, or add new culinary skills to your repertoire.

Sausage Making

Sausage Making

Sausage Making Courses

Our award winning sausages are based around a closely guarded family recipe handed down from grandfather to son and then grandson. During the course you will get to prepare, and link sausages ……..

Lamb Course

Lamb Course

During the course you will get to work on a side of lamb, being shown the skills to cut in to the primal joints. A hands on course that will enable you to develop your way around the different cuts of lamb  ……………………

Pig Course

Pork Course

Pig Course. Every student will have a side of pork to work on and be shown the skills required to cut in to the various joints and understand where they come from on the animal and what to look for in the best joints available for all types of cooking………………


Butcher’s Cottage, Sway

For those travelling for a course, why not make a short break of it with a stay in our holiday cottage. Spend some time enjoying the beautiful surroundings or the national park then back to the cottage to sample the food you have prepared.

Butcher’s Cottage is a family and dog friendly 3 bedroom property with 2 bathrooms which comfortably sleeps up to 5 people. Based in the village of Sway, it offers the perfect holiday location. Surrounded by the New Forest National Park it is only a short walk from Butcher’s Cottage to the open forest with the freedom to explore the 140,000 acres of ancient woodlands, moorlands, and heathlands. Our cottage is in easy reach of the south coast giving you access to miles of stunning beaches and coastline.